Wish You Were Here // 2014
Tuesday Sep 2 08:14pm

Tuesday Sep 2 03:35pm

…………………….slime dog
Tuesday Sep 2 03:30pm

kim1426 said: Hello! When you receive this, share five facts about yourself then pass it to ten of your favorite followers.

1 - I see my future real fucked up.

2 - I don’t get why people like Twin Peaks so much.

3 - I’m listening White Lung right now.

4 - I tried to learn icelandic once.

5 - I barely slept last night.

Monday Sep 1 10:04pm
Monday Sep 1 12:59pm

Monday Sep 1 01:13am
Sunday Aug 31 09:46pm

Anonymous said: Would you go on an all-expense-paid trip to North Korea for the experience and curiosity?

Of course

Sunday Aug 31 12:25am

Saturday Aug 30 07:51pm

Saturday Aug 30 06:58pm
Saturday Aug 30 11:51am
Saturday Aug 30 01:50am

Friday Aug 29 06:32pm

Point of View. Photographed by Sam Sulam. Los Angeles,CA. 6.2014.
Friday Aug 29 05:27pm
Friday Aug 29 03:26pm
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